is a privately owned company founded in 1988. The company started with a production capacity of 10 tons/month in 1990. 2008, the production capacity has reached 150 tons/ month (1’800 tons/ year). Agar powder is mostly produced from cultivated seaweed Gracilaria spp. as well as from wild harvested Gelidium spp and Pterocladid spp. 3096 of the production is exported to Japan and the USA; the remaining production is for the domestic market.

Vision Striving to be the best, with sound production capacity and reach international quality standard.

Mission To give knowledge to the people about nutrient in the fiber food named Agar-agar.

Business Principle
To help seaweed farmer, open business opportunity, to increase public nutrient by introducing to the public about
the advantage of fiber for health..


Our Standard

ISO 9001-2000 standard had been implemented since early 2003 to fulfill our vision and mission; and to show our
strong commitment in maintaining products quality, improve human resources and environment friendly.



Started with an idea to industrialize natural marine resources, which widely spread in Indonesian waters, one of
them is seaweed cultivation. Based on the experience of Japanese people, seaweed can be processed to become
Agar-agar Powder.

Based on an idea, survey was conducted to every province in Indonesia about the potency of seaweed, start from
north coast area, Java Island, Bali Island, Lombok Island, Nusa Tenggara, and all coasts in Sulawesi. Generally
seaweed can grow in Indonesian waters, but they need certain pH level and suitable climate to make it grow at all

PT. Agarindo Bogatama was established to be a seaweed cultivation company. The cultivation was succeeded in
South Sulawesi. At that time, the availability of raw material was considered sufficient, then a sounding out was
taken regarding the possibility of establishing joint venture with Japanese company in processing seaweed to
become Agar-agar powder.

PT. Agarindo Bogatama start to install machineries, which all the machine components came from Japan. It takes
about 2 years to do the installation process.

On August 21 st , 1991, PT. Agarindo Bogatama did their first production process with the production capacity of
450 kg per day. On October 6 th , 1991, PT. Agarindo Bogatama officially declared by Presiden Soeharto together
with 137 companies in Indonesia, placed at Polyethylene Processing Factory in Cilegon, West Java.

Based on about 7 years experience in managing the process, in 1998, the most optimum productivity had been
achieved, with the production capacity 1.5 ton per day. At the same year, PT. Agarindo Bogatama stated to
decrease importing Agar-agar powder.

The second plant of seaweed processing factory was established; with the capacity of this stage was about 80% of
the first plant production capacity. The total production that could be reached if this second plant run smoothly, will
be 2.7 ton per day, using 30 ton of raw material of seaweed.


Anthonio Tjoeng


Soerianto Kusnowirjono

Export Director