Activity Cultivation of Agarindo Bogatama with the joint Kospermindo accompaniment patterns to develop seaweed that has good quality, now the result has been a lot of looks. Therefore Agarindo Bogatama try doing cultivation of seaweed which was first performed in Indonesia namely developed a type of Seaweed Gracilaria changii, in the development of Agarindo Bogatama is concerned quality problems and was directly involved in the cultivation process. Starting from the ten farmer who started the cultivation of Gracilaria changii is currently more than 300 farmers who have been cultivation of  Gracilaria changii. In the practice of cultivating Agarindo Bogatama give knowledge to the farmers so that they can obtain a good of quality seaweed and stable. For the issue price Agarindo Bogatama guarantee on farmers if the quality they produce in accordance with the established by the manufacturer. Look at the success of many from outside parties who are interested in supporting the development of Gracilaria changii, including the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and CDF (co-operative Development Foundation of Canada along with MI (Marine Institute) is teaming up with Kospermindo, where they also support the development of the cultivation of Gracilaria changii. Agarindo Bogatama is concerned about the quality of the grass of the sea due to the presence of many support cultivation of outsiders, Agarindo Bogatama hope that farmers can commitment to always produce seaweed with same high quality.


Sustainability of raw materials is the highest priority for our company to support our continuing growth in this industry. We invested a lot of time and efforts for working with our Gracilaria seaweed farmers in compliance with Good Aquaculture Practice (GAP) and to develop long-term contracts with our seaweed suppliers.

Thanks to the growth of our company in the agar industry, we are capable of creating more jobs, especially for women to increase their income for their families. Better incomes from farming Gracilaria seaweed have provided education opportunities for the local children and improved family living standard in rural area. Gracilaria seaweed farmers with GAP arto also certified with our internal QC certification. As as result of the high quality of the raw materials produced, a higher price is paid to our Gracilaria seaweed farmers.


Various of Indonesian agar bearing seaweeds are available for producing our agar powder. This make our company has more different unique characteristics of agar for new applications. Agar powder can be extracted from Gelidium sppPterocladiaPtilophoraGelidium indonesianum and many species of Gracilaria spp.