PLANTAGAR Seaweed Organic Fertilizer

Plantagar seaweed organic fertilizer is made from natural seaweed material which is known to contain a lot of nutrients which are complete and enriched with quality cow organic fertilizer for various types of plant needs.

The advantages of Plantagar seaweed organic fertilizer are: containing N elements, macro and micro nutrient content more complete than ordinary organic fertilizers, suitable for use in all types of plants

Benefits of using Plantagar Seaweed Organic Fertilizer: improving soil structure and physicality, as soil conditioners that make the soil more crumbly and loose, maintain soil moisture, as a catalyst (helping the nutrient decomposition process in the soil), increase beneficial micro organic populations such as rhizobium and microriza

How to use:

For basic fertilizers and re-fertilization, for seedlings for all types of plants use a ratio of 1: 1 with soil.

For ornamental plants, used 20 – 50% in planting media.

For this type of grass, it can be mixed with 10-20 kg with soil per m2. Aside from being a fertilizer, it is also useful to maintain soil moisture.

For fruits and perennials, such as: mango, durian, sapodilla and others (10-20 kg in each hole) and palm and palm oil (20-30 kg on each hole)

Plantagar seaweed organic fertilizer specifications as follows: Moisture content of 45 – 50%, decomposition of more than 3 months, creamy fine grains, nutrient content more stable and high compared to processed organic fertilizers from various sources of organic waste, containing macro and micro elements more complete because seaweed materials are used.

Also available:

Plantagar seaweed organic fertilizer BASIC: The best media without the need for a mixture of other ingredients for the cultivation of various fungi such as: enokitake, shiitake, lingzhi, white mushrooms, merang mushrooms and others. It can also be used as a mixture for damaged land due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers or land that requires soil moisture (binding water so it doesn’t dry out quickly) during the dry season.